Zoar Particular Baptist Chapel Bradford

(Established 1843)

Welcome to the Sermons page. Here you can listen to a selection of sermons preached at Zoar Chapel.

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There is an archive of older sermons available, please feel free to contact the Interim minister for more information.

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Three encounters with God

This sermon was preached on 7th March 2021 by Pastor Kevin M Price

The text was taken from Numbers Chapter 22 verse 12

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Israel's Second Song 'Spring up O well'

This sermon was preached on 28th February 2021 by Pastor Kevin M Price

The text was taken from Numbers Chapter 21 verses 17 and 18

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Disobedience and its consequences

This sermon was preached on 14th February 2021 by Pastor Kevin M Price at Bethesda Strict Baptist Chapel, Kensington, London

The text was taken from Numbers Chapter 20

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Rebellion and Response

This sermon was preached on 17th January 2021 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Numbers 14, verse 9 and 42

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Moses- the meek man

This sermon was preached on 3rd January 2021 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Numbers 12, verse 3

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The lukewarm church

This sermon was preached on 20th December 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Revelation 3, verse 16

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The Restored Presence

This sermon was preached on 25th October 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 34, verse 10

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The assurance of God's presence

This sermon was preached on 11th October 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 33, verses 13 - 14

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Who is on the Lords side

This sermon was preached on 27th September 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 32 verse 26.

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Hearing from Heaven

This sermon was preached on 20th September 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 30 verse 22.

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Approaching Sinai

This sermon was preached on 13th September 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 19.

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Communicating the Gospel

This sermon was preached on 6th September 2020 by Pastor Kevin M Price.

The text was taken from Exodus 18.

Sermons available from the archive.....

'Joy' in the Acts of the Apostles.mp3

1 Thessalonians 1.mp3

A call to discipleship.mp3

A call to steadfastness.mp3

A challenge to full consecration.mp3

A complete sermon~1.mp3

A great calm.mp3

A great woman.mp3

A heart experience.mp3

A heavenly sight.mp3

A left-handed saviour.mp3

A Messianic Psalm.mp3

A New Life.mp3

A New Year Resolution.mp3

A picture of heaven.mp3

A profoundly spiritual truth.mp3

A serious church.mp3

A tale of two sinners.mp3

A working church.mp3

A working community.mp3

Abide in Him.mp3

Abide with me.mp3

Abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Thy House.mp3

Acts 28, verse 31 'Paul's confidence'.mp3

Almost, but not quite.mp3

Ambassadors for the Kingdom.mp3

Ambassadors for the Kingdon.mp3

An antidote to failure.mp3

An experience of the Lord's mercies.mp3

And the Word was made flesh.mp3

And they crucified Him.mp3

Another spirit.mp3

Approaching Sinai.mp3

Arise go up to Bethel.mp3


Be prepared (2).mp3

Be prepared.mp3

Behold he prayeth.mp3

Being with Jesus~1.mp3

Belief and unbelief.mp3

Berea and Thessalonica.mp3

Betraying Christ.mp3

Coming to Jesus.mp3

Communicating the Gospel.mp3

Contending earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.mp3

Counterfeit Religion.mp3

Daniel's Prayer.mp3

David and Goliath.mp3

Death and Debt.mp3



Difficult questions (1).mp3

Difficult questions (2).mp3

Does the Bible mention Mohammed.mp3

Doing our duty or serving the Lord.mp3


Dr David Allen TBS (2).mp3

Dr David Allen TBS.mp3


Ebenzer 'the stone of remembernace.mp3

Elijah's prayer.mp3


Ephesians 5, verses 1 to 20.mp3

Examine, prove, know.mp3

Faith in times of storm.mp3

False Professors.mp3

Fear not, O land, rejoice and be glad for the Lord will do great things.mp3

Fear not.mp3

Finishing our course with joy.mp3

Five resurrection 'ALLS.mp3

For unto us a Child is born.mp3

For what we have received~1.mp3

Forget not all His benefits.mp3

Found, Lost and Found again.mp3

Four Failures.mp3

Four lasts.mp3

Four Treasures.mp3

God will provide.mp3

God's absolute authorty.mp3

God's care for His people.mp3

Godliness with contentment is great gain.mp3

Good figs.mp3

Good King Josiah.mp3

Grace in the harvest field.mp3


Guidance and Light - the Pillar of Cloud and Fire.mp3

He hath shewed thee O man what is good.mp3

He that hath ears to hear.mp3

Hearing from Heaven.mp3


Hebrews 1, 4, 7 and 12.mp3

Hebrews 1, verses 1-3.mp3

His compassions.mp3

How great things.mp3

How not to live.mp3

How the Lord's people ought to live.mp3

How we ought to live (2).mp3

How we ought to live.mp3

I AM the Lord that healeth thee.mp3

I fell at His feet as one dead.mp3

I will build my Church.mp3

Inheriting the land.mp3

Is anything too hard for the Lord.mp3

Is it because there is not a God in Israel.mp3

Is the Lord with us, or not.mp3

Israels' first battle.mp3

Jacob's Blessing.mp3


Jehovan-Nissi 'The Lord our Banner'1.mp3


Jesus Christ our Chief Cornerstone.mp3

Jesus Christ our Great High Priest.mp3

Jesus Christ the Rock of Ages.mp3

Jesus gives life.mp3

Jesus meets the people.mp3

Jesus prepares His disciples.mp3

Jesus revealed.mp3

Jesus, Pilate and Barrabas.mp3

Jesus, Whom thou persecutest.mp3

John 2 'Two miracles'.mp3

Joseph is a fruitful bough.mp3


Justification and Santification.mp3

Keeping the Word of God.mp3

Knowing and doing God's will.mp3

Knowing the Lord.mp3


Legion of demons.mp3

Living in the light of eternity.mp3

Looking unto Jesus.mp3

Lord I believe.mp3

Lord Thou hast been our dwelling place.mp3

Lost and found.mp3

Love not the world.mp3

Loving the Lord Jesus Christ.mp3

Luke 5, verses 12-26 'Full Salvation' (2).mp3

Luke 5, verses 12-26 'Full Salvation'.mp3

Luke 5, verses 27-39 'The old is better'A.mp3

Mark 12, verses 38 to 44.mp3

Marks of the Early Church.mp3


Matthew 6 'How to pray'.mp3

Meeting Jesus.mp3

Michael Wright - Luke 4 - The Incarnation 1.mp3

Mission in a miracle.mp3

Mourning and dancing.mp3

Not far from the Kingdon of God.mp3

Our Great High Priest.mp3

Our new life.mp3

Our wonderful Jesus.mp3

Pastor Kevin Price - Luke 4 - Rejecting Jesus 1.mp3

Pastor Kevin Price - Luke 4 - The Authority of Jesus 1.mp3

Pattern for new Christians.mp3

Paul's conduct.mp3

Paul's experience.mp3

Paul's frame of mind~1.mp3

Paul's service for the Master.mp3

Peter (2).mp3

Peter (3).mp3

Peter and the resurrection of the Lord.mp3

Peter's Transformation.mp3


Pilgrims and strangers (1).mp3

Pilgrims and Strangers (2).mp3

Pilgrims and strangers.mp3

Praising the Lord.mp3

Prayer (1).mp3

Prayer (2).mp3

Preaching of the cross.mp3

Principles of Divine life.mp3

Promises for God's people.mp3


Questions about John the Baptist.mp3

Rahab the Harlot.mp3

Reactions to Jesus.mp3

Receiving the Kingom of God as a little child.mp3

Redeeming the time.mp3

Refinement comes from within.mp3

Remember me.mp3

Remembering the afflicted.mp3

Restoring the years (2).mp3

Restoring the years.mp3


Revive Thy work.mp3


Romans 13 verses 8 to 14.mp3

Ruth's vow of consecration.mp3

Salvation all of grace.mp3

Salvation by grace alone.mp3

Seeing Jesus.mp3

Seeing the glory of the Lord in the wilderness.mp3

Seizing every opportunity.mp3

Sending out of ministers.mp3

Sighs and cries of God's people.mp3


Sin Conquered.mp3

Sitting at Jesus' feet'.mp3

Six woes.mp3

So run, that ye may obtain.mp3

Some lesser known Judges.mp3

Sometimes it's down to you.mp3


Swimming against the tide.mp3

Taking stock of our spiritual life.mp3

Taking up the cross.mp3


Terrible as an army with banners.mp3

The 'lost' parable.mp3

The 10 virgins.mp3

The assurance of God's presence.mp3

The beheading of John the Baptist.mp3

The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.mp3

The blessed hope.mp3

The blessings of three months.mp3

The Bread of Life.mp3

The call of Abram.mp3

The Christian and the world.mp3

The Christian hope.mp3

The Church's praises.mp3

The City of God.mp3

The coming of the Kingdom.mp3

The conslusion of the whole matter.mp3

The Cross and the Crown.mp3

The Cross.mp3

The Day of reckoning.mp3

The fear of God (2).mp3

The fear of God.mp3

The fear of the Lord.mp3

The Five kings.mp3

The Godly man.mp3

The Gospel and its hearers.mp3

The Great High Priest.mp3

The great transaction.mp3

The hills and the valleys of the child of God.mp3

The Holy Spirit in Acts.mp3

The House of God.mp3

The house upon the Rock.mp3

The ideal church member.mp3

The inconvenience of the Gospel.mp3

The joy of Thy salvation.mp3

The kindness of God to sinners.mp3

The Lamb of God.mp3

The land flowing with milk and honey.mp3

The leper cleansed.mp3

The Lord's service.mp3

The Lukewarm church.mp3

The manner of the Kingdon.mp3

The marks of a true servant.mp3

The mystery of the Gospel.mp3

The Name of God (2).mp3

The Name of God.mp3

The need for weeping.mp3

The old is better.mp3

The one thing needful.mp3

The opened heart.mp3

The place of fellowship.mp3

The Prayer of Jabex.mp3

The preciousness of our redemption.mp3

The problem and the prayer.mp3

The proof of God's presence.mp3

The responsibility of servants (1).mp3

The responsibility of servants (2).mp3

The Restored Presence.mp3

The Resurrection (2).mp3

The Resurrection (3).mp3

The resurrection (4).mp3

The Resurrection.mp3

The runaway Prophet.mp3

The Sadducees and the resurrection.mp3

The Secret Garden.mp3

The sending out of the disciples.mp3

The Sermon on the Plain 1.mp3

The Sermon on the Plain Pt 2.mp3

The Spirit of Elijah.mp3

The Spirit-led man.mp3

The Stone and the Rock.mp3

The strong man.mp3

The things concerning the King.mp3

The throne of God.mp3

The trial of the Lord Jesus.mp3

The two witnesses.mp3

The Way, The Truth and The Life.mp3

The wonder of sovereign grace.mp3

The Word of God.mp3

The Word was made flesh.mp3

Thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears and my feet from falling.mp3

Thou shalt not covet.mp3

Three aspects of our God.mp3

Three parables.mp3

Three promises.mp3

Thy love is better than wine.mp3

Trials and temptations (Part 1).mp3

Two attempts at worship.mp3

Two healings.mp3

Two parables on prayer.mp3

Two people, two prayers, two prospects.mp3

Two Sabbaths.mp3

Unity of the faith.mp3

Valley experiences.mp3

Wait on the Lord.mp3

Walking in Christ.mp3

Walking on dry land in the midst of the sea.mp3

Walking with God.mp3


What is that in thine hand.mp3

What mean these stones.mp3

When God visits His people.mp3

When things go from bad to worse.mp3

Where is the LORD God of Elijah.mp3

Who is Jesus.mp3

Who is on the Lord's side.mp3

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord.mp3

Who then can be saved.mp3

With the King.mp3


Zephaniah 3, verse 2 Untitled.mp3